Introduction of the Artist

Jennifer Elaine (Jenn) was born (October 13, 1986) and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, but currently resides in Memphis, Tennessee. Her world revolves around her son, Christian DeShawn (est. July 3, 2004), and she takes pride in being an outstanding mother. He also loves art; however, he prefers using pencil for his medium, while she primarily uses acrylic paint. Jenn graduated from Shelby County High School in 2004 at the top 10% of her class with honors; defied the odds of teenage pregnancy and attended University of Kentucky, later graduating from the University of Louisville with a Bachelors degree.

Jenn loves God and believes that without Him, she would not be successful. He revealed her passion and natural talent of painting in the summer of 2015 after her ankle was fractured in three places making her immobile for 8 weeks. While she was healing, she decided to teach herself how to paint and develop her craft. It was like art therapy: comforting to the bones and soothing to the soul. Jenn has always known how to draw and sketch, but it wasn't until she picked up the paintbrush that she fell in love with creating masterpieces.

Her art is internally driven, like a gateway to the soul. Jenn's creativity is inspired by her own passions and emotions. For example, she loves big, natural afrocentric hair and bright engaging colors, so most of her artwork displays the beauty of natural hair accompanied by a beautiful color scheme. Jenn has also been inspired by the "Black Girl Magic" movement by creating phenomenal paintings that illustrate the universal awesomeness of black women by celebrating our beauty, power, dopeness, and resilience.

Black art doesn't receive as much exposure and publicity compared to other art genres. She plans to set the platform for black art and increase awareness for black artists in America. The admiration of her art from her customers encourages Jenn to keep pressing forward. When she sees her customers' reactions after they receive her paintings, she feels so much joy. Jenn has a 100% customer satisfaction rating. A few customer reviews can be found on her Facebook Business page: Orijennal Art

Jenn is excited to see where her art takes her in life and hopes that you will allow her to bless your home with her paintings. Enjoy!

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